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Floor Bunches

Delivery of chosen items are available within our local areas of service and during normal business hours excluding Sundays and Public Holidays. Please contact us directly for requirements outside these parameters.

You can now create your Event or Party Bunches in the comforts of your own home or office. Be sure to state Event Start Time and Contact Name (if any) in the "message area" when ordering.  You can choose your components from any one category or mix and match to suit.

Choose the balloons required for your Bunches and multiply by Number of Bunches.

For example, if you require 5 Bunches of 7 Balloons ( 3 x Red 30cm, 2 x Gold 45cm Stars and 2 x Blue Confetti 30cm per Bunch ), you would select Red 30cm x 15,  Gold 45cm Stars x 10,  Blue Confetti 30cm x 10 and chosen Weight x 5. 

* Balloonaway will match Ribbons to chosen balloon colours. 

Note: We recommend a minimum of 5 x 30cm for Floor Bunches however, in large function areas Bunches of 7 or 10 may be more appropriate.